Here’s my promise. I will tell my story truthfully.

Hi! My name is CC. Thank you for taking time from your day to hear my story.

Each week I will be revealing a little more of my real story. Some weeks a little, some weeks a lot. It’s time for me to expose the events that happened to me. Not the story the newspapers reported.

Why now? Well, my husbands dead. Kids are grown. And it’s time to finally put this all out there. Not really to help anyone, but maybe it will keep just one girl from repeating my mistakes.

Here’s my first post of life as I remember it.

You probably never noticed me. Maybe you saw a picture that ‘resembled me’, in the post office. Or maybe you thought I looked like one of the FBI’s 15 MOST Wanted females. But you shrugged it off. Saying, “No way.” “She is a loving mom and hard worker.” But the real truth was…..

I evaded capture from the FBI, DEA and local law enforcement for OVER 9-years.

During those years, I held down regular jobs, paid taxes, enrolled my loving 6-year old daughter into school(s), became a member of the PTA. I was really being a good person. Until I became over-confident made  a MISTAKE, and was apprehended, AGAIN.

At one time, my friends jokingly called me, “Queen Mother.” I have always loved business. Now I had a chance to be a true entrepreneur. I worked hard to become the largest manufacturer, from Texas to Illinois.

With zero college training:

  • I successfully opened a start-up in a highly competitive and dangerous environment.
  • Became an expert negotiator.
  • Surpassed my expectations, as a large volume purchasing agent.
  • Invented my own unique recipe of a product people were lining up to use.
  • Built a manufacturing and distribution network.
  • Directed Quality Control to produce a product so pure, chemist’s called it “hospital-grade.”
  • I presided over the HR.
  • Managed a grass roots marketing, and word-of-mouth advertising campaign.
  • Reigned over my own treasury.
  • Managed a complex tax paying strategy.
  • As necessary, I operated as the head of security.

Eventually the DEA “raided” my home (there’s a good story about how they found out, I’ll be posting it soon), and I was arrested (HONESTLY, for the first time ever in my life I was in trouble with the law).  I was convicted and sentenced to 25-years in prison. Just before I was lead into the holding cell (Awaiting transfer to Federal Prison), I was approached by an LE officer. He offered me a chance to temporarily postpone my prison stay. All I had to do was, betray my business connections, expose my network, wear “a wire”, and testify in court. Hey! I was looking at 25 years in a cell. So I thought every day I could avoid that cell, was a good day, and a chance maybe something would change.

I knew I had something they wanted. So I had an edge that I expected could bring me a month or two of fresh air. After just a few months of mixed results with convictions, and just minutes, literarily minutes, before I had to turn myself in. I just couldn’t do it! I PANICKED, stopped at my Mom’s house, grabbed my 6-year old daughter, and FLED. I was now running, for “Our” lives. I didn’t know how long I could avoid capture. But I never thought, I would evade capture for over 9-years.

Here’s my promise. “I will tell my story truthfully. I will add my daughters comments to give you a different perspective of how I was feeling. You will hear my daughter talk about what her life was like. And how she was feeling. Together, we will do our best to relay the experiences, feelings, fears and joys, as they happened.

Honestly, at times it will seem boring to you. But I can assure you, I was never bored, and was ALWAYS afraid I was going to be caught. I really did pray each day for just enough freedom to raise my daughter until I thought she could survive on her own, at fifteen.

Please check back here each week, as I begin to shed the layers of my past, share pictures, and post videos of my life on the run with my 6-year old daughter.

Thanks again for listening.

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A Real Breaking Bad story, of a woman who ran from the LAW for 9+ years, then got caught.